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Magic For Smart People

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On June 29, 2011, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Krysia Wazny

Making an appearance at the Somerville Theater, Bob delighted his audience with tricks and quips appropriate for the whole family. The show moved smoothly with both children and adults participating as volunteers. Self proclaimed as “magic for smart people,” the performance did not disappoint. The entire audience was baffled by Bob’s sleight of hand, and his witty jokes in between kept even the most skeptical viewers entertained.

Surprisingly, Bob hasn’t always moonlighted as a magician. Six years ago he had only a rough knowledge of magic tricks gleaned from his teenage years. A performer in an airport rekindled his interest, leading him to explore the wider magical community. He soon discovered Ray Goulet’s Magic Art Studio in Watertown, which put him into contact with the American Society of Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. As a member of these organizations, Bob has flourished, becoming the magic guy he is today.

Bob has performed in many arenas, from local birthday parties to Caribbean hotels, but the opportunity to work on stage is one he always enjoys. “It certainly is different,” he said, “You can set things up to go a certain way, but volunteers also influence the direction of the show.” The larger group certainly brought many different characters into the show on Saturday. Bold or shy, eager participants came onto the stage to make Bob’s dreams a reality.

Speaking of his big performance, Bob described the gratification a magician gains from being in the spotlight at last. “In magic you spend a lot of time rehearsing, and a relatively short period of time performing,” he explained, “You can spend months working on something that only takes about three minutes to perform.”

He feels that a performance such as Saturday’s is “the real dessert” after a period of intensive rehearsals. It proved to be a treat for his audience as well. His final act amazed everyone present as the cap of a marker and a unique ten-dollar bill astonishingly made their way into a closed canister.

This sometimes psychic, always entertaining trickster clearly knows his craft and how to use it to the audience’s delight. Those who missed this mind teasing experience need not despair. Bob the Magic Guy will be making two return appearances at the Somerville Theater on September 24th and November 12th. With a sold out show last weekend, these performances are sure to please. Anyone looking for more information about Bob can find it at